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When shadows hold the night and you're lying in your bed
Expecting calls from friends but he messages instead
Undo your zipper slow, no one will have to know
Lit by your iPhone’s glow, just give a quick show
Keep your moaning down, my child, lest parents hear your cries
This ritual requires your hand betwixt your thighs
Give in to the taboo, grab your phone, snap some nudes
Lucifer’s one hot dude, you know you want to
Nudes for Satan, worship, flesh laid bare
Nudes for Satan, the answer to your prayers
No crucifix, no care
He sits on his black throne, he’s waiting for you
Amassing an album of pics to review
Forever to stroke it, eternal voyeur
For aeons he’ll get off, no soul shall he spare
An eternal friend-zoned fiend, cock-blocked by holy light
Only your supple curves can ease his sulfurous plight
Fingers unhook your bra, skin tinged by Hell’s red maw
Too late now to withdraw, the Devil's hand’s upon his cock!


from CONSUMER, released November 9, 2013




Ichabod Crane Akron, Ohio

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