Excessive Stimuli

from by Ichabod Crane

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Rubbing this magic lamp all day
This genie better appear, free me from this I pray
A prison of lingerie and sin
Helpless, I jerk away, as ragged as my poor foreskin
I lack in self-control, help me
Some say I’ve lost my mind, that’s untrue, it’s just horny
I'm so desensitized, it’s pointless
Sicker and sicker stuff I need to feel orgasmic bliss
What would I give to go back to the days of yore
My conscience clear and my balls weren’t sore
Before the Internet, before the tubes of porn
Erase my memories of nudity galore
Watching through squinting eyes, about to blow
Excessive stimuli
A million clicks, a million tits, a million ways to ignore some dude’s dick
I moisture, but fantasize, of staring deep into someone else's eyes
My brain is mush, my cheeks are flushed
My eyes bloodshot and of course my spirit’s crushed
Give me a break, my libido’s slaked and yet I’m still gripping my trouser snake
Rubbing this magic lamp, will it subside?
Someone help me, before I try erotic suicide
I’ve seen it all, it’s no fun
The sin of lust my master now, it’s already won


from CONSUMER, released November 9, 2013




Ichabod Crane Akron, Ohio

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