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I am called Ba’al Zebub, Prince of Hell, lord of the buzzing swarm
My only wish is to corrupt your helpless pink and squirming forms
You’re doing well yourselves so far, your corpses bloat
You rot before your flashing screens, my carrion takes note
Controlled by such hunger, paraphagic urge
Consumed by consumption, no trinket for which you will not search
Baubles crushed beneath my claws
BUY BUY BUY is your enabled cry
Good lord you're never satisfied
BUY BUY BUY is your enabled cry
I think it’s time you all died
Odorous mist, my poison vines, secure you to your chair, you are mine
Ignore headlines of pestilence, mutated food, political designs
Just focus on this pricetag here, a tempting charm
It’s what you need, a brand new watch clasped to your severed arm
Another generation’s only talent masturbation, I need to feed
You let your buildings crumble as mindless zombies mumble, I need to feed
Your species, intelligent feces, piled up, spreading disease
Earth begging for cleansing, I arrange its ending
BUY BUY BUY is your enabled cry
Good lord you're never satisfied
In due time, your race will fade away
Until then, my deadly games you’ll play


from CONSUMER, released November 9, 2013




Ichabod Crane Akron, Ohio

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