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My flatscreen shines so bright, on and on throughout the night
The picture crystal clear, this high-def’s in control
Show me things I must have, overpriced, can't live without
PayPal or plastic? I’ll even trade my soul
I've never felt so loved then when surrounded by stuff
Fill the void in my heart just like a shopping cart
Consumerism-bound, unboxing items does entice
I can barely pay for food, but I’ll make the sacrifice
I’m prostrated at your shrine, my hard-earned treasures, mine
Caress you until release, possess me please
Plastic contours so sexual, panting reading your manual
Only you understand my needs, possess me, I plead
So close, not close enough, I need you now to share my mind
This modern alchemy will be our wedding vow
About to blow a fuse, in the house and in my pants
Saving my lust for now, a million skanks we’ll plow
Wires plunge into my brain, screaming, I feel no pain
Unbidden, pasty limbs twitch, why can’t I stop humping the fridge?
I’m prostrated at your shrine, my hard-on no longer mine
Caress me until release, release me please
Plastic contours so sexual, panting, only a mindless shell
I cannot comprehend your needs, release me, I plead
Fucked by machines


from CONSUMER, released November 9, 2013




Ichabod Crane Akron, Ohio

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