Pink Slime

from by Ichabod Crane

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Hungry, it's late at night, drive-thru in my sight
Super-size my appetite
No care for healthy choice, carnivores rejoice
Chowing down on something red and moist
Whine all that you want, vegetarians I taunt
Muscles in a bun is all I’ve sought
They can't think or feel, their misery's not real
At least it isn't veal
Mystery meat, where are you from?
Dog, cat, pig, horse, slip me some tongue
Tell me why I should give a shit
Once it's ground up, it's all the same to me
My stomach's blind to cruelty
Nothing some secret sauce can't fix
Muscles squish between my teeth, pink slime
My thoughts devoid of all but beef
Dripping from each and every bite, pink slime
Feel it controlling from inside
Morning, I'm sick as hell, burgers not sitting well
Nausea I can't quell
Something just isn't right, urges I can't fight
To feast on people-flesh tonight
Lend me a helping hand, can't you understand?
I need to taste human
Let me eat you please, something in me’s diseased
I can’t get my fill, my diet makes me kill


from CONSUMER, released November 9, 2013




Ichabod Crane Akron, Ohio

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