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The wizened cult seers have hatched an artful scheme
An event for lonely saps, with a fresh comic book theme
To gather nectar from these blooms unwashed, unplucked
Too bad for virgin nerds, they’ve got some downright shitty luck
Traveled miles, standing single-file
Blood for the beast, gore shall be released
They plan for Q&A, in secret dream of T&A
Booth babes we’ve reanimated, crowds of boys ejaculated
Thankful to ogle girls, blind to the netherworlds
Knife-flashes in dark hallways, crimson petals where skin is flayed
In line, pocked faces aglow with delight inside the Necronomicomicon
They come from states away to buy and schmooze
While we seek to drain their virgin blood
Bodies strewn everywhere, our work comes to a close
Buckets brim with fluid, a sickly stench cuts at your nose
So quick they spent their cash, so quick their blushings flashed
No remorse for deadened eyes as we sing one last reprise
They now are subjects of the Horned One at the Necronomicomicon
Their withered husks by cloven hoof are shred
The murder ritual long since begun
We dance in pools of gore and viscera at the Necronomicomicon
Exalt as souls are cast into the pit
We pray the meal our horrid king sees fit


from CONSUMER, released November 9, 2013




Ichabod Crane Akron, Ohio

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