Life or Debt

from by Ichabod Crane

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Four years of life you gladly trade away
For this paper, what you call a degree
You’ve spent long days crammed into cell-like rooms
Sardines in their briny little tombs
Shriveled, soulless, now just automatons
Pointless, employed by corporate demons
Data entry, a life like hell on earth
Mindless meetings for management’s evil mirth
You sold your soul, give to me that silly thing I once bartered thee
Don’t implore, I collect, mine is a call you can’t reject
I’ll delight torturing your essence for eternity
Every flaw I’ll inspect, I can’t wait to break your self-respect
What fun we’ll have, once you are on my team
We’ll play trust games, death the same as life now seems
Awkward small talk, what kinds of stocks to sell
Who said you can’t bring friends when you go to hell?
Was it worth it to sign my a devilish pact?
Now choose your life or debt, one to protract
Nevermind, you’re mine now and it’s time to pay what’s due
You’re going down when you die, it’s a fact and you know it’s true


from CONSUMER, released November 9, 2013




Ichabod Crane Akron, Ohio

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