Friday Night Budlights

from by Ichabod Crane

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Welcome Class 2003, Friday night’s my party scene
Grab a case, assemble bros, a tradition you all know
Affliction tee is on point, it’s 5 o’clock, let’s blow this joint
In the trunk, reds whites and blues, shotgun with us, you can’t lose
Toss ‘em back, turned way up, tailgaiting outside of the stadium
The game is on, and halfway gone, halftime and we’re pissing in lawn
It’s partytime, we need more beer, hey bro let’s call some chicks over here
Yo what’s the score, man I don’t know
Can’t you see this guy’s steppin’ on my flow
It’s time for Friday Night Budlights, let’s go and get into some fights
Hey man, the stadium's in sight, gonna drink a case myself tonight
It’s time for Friday Night Budlights, win or lose we booze, right?
It’s not the time to be polite, already downed a case tonight


from CONSUMER, released November 9, 2013




Ichabod Crane Akron, Ohio

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